transport międzynarowdowy


LCLog offers comprehensive logistics services including transport and shipping. One of our speciality is international transport.

Do you have some shipping to be done across Europe? We’ll be able to save you your precious time and money, just contact us today.

Transport and shipping are services we are particularly proud of. LCLog has its premises located near German border, that\’s why we are perfectly connected with communication nodes.

We will transport all kinds of cargo to any location throughout European Union. International logistics is what we have mastered to perfection. Each client is treated individually, that’s why we offer two types of deliveries: door to door and just in time.


In order to meet our clients high requirements we offer them two solutions. Door to door is an option without any transshipment or partial load on the route. Our drivers pick up the cargo and deliver it directly to its destination.

The other delivery opition is Just in time. It basically means that the cargo is delivered just in time and on indicated location. We guarantee 24/7 delivery as well.


An unquestionable advantage of our company is the GPS system fitted in every vehicule of our fleet, which allows us for up to date monitoring of your order. All we need is Internet connection for a client to see where their cargo is in real time.

LCLog has insurance against Civil Liability of Transport Carrier.

All to make sure the entrusted cargo is delivered undamaged to its destination.

LCLog is proven and fair shipping partner

International transport is what we know, so if you need a cargo to be shipped throughout European Union – place your order. We’ll take care of the rest.