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Logistic center definition

To understand the role of a logistic center in the functioning of the economy, you first need to consider what logistics actually is. Logistics combines the process of planning, controlling and implementing the flow of all goods and information in order to meet customer requirements. This is one of the most important aspects of business management.

Without exemplary coordination of logistics activities, it would not be possible to deliver to the right customer the right products in perfect condition and in the correct quantity at the right time and at a reasonable cost.

In order of the area of interest logistics can be divided into various areas such as: supply logistics, production logistics, distribiution logistics, warehouse logistics and transport logistics. The logistics center is both a facility and an organization which performs all kinds of logistics services like picking up items, storing them, reloading, releasing products from stock and transporting them. In other words logistics center is a facility with an organization and infrastructure enabling independent enterprises to perform activities on goods related to their storage and transport between the sender and the recipient.

Cooperate with our logistic centre. Together we’ll find the best solution to your logistics request. Contact us now.

How does a logistics centre work?

And how does it all work in a logistics centre? Which elements we have and what can be expected from us? We have a modern and fully equipped offices and warehouse facility which allow us not only to store goods but to reload trucks and to unload / load the containers as well. We are able to complete recipient’s order by unloading it from several vehicules to the warehouse and loading them into one truck so that the full order reaches the customer at a convenient time.

We offer transport and shipping services including an appropriate form of transport, documentation and the transport itself. We mediate in distribution of goods, which means we transport them between the manufacturer and a wholesaler or courier company delivering goods to retail customers.

If the order is big enough, we gladly deliver it to the end recipient. We also carry out deliveries to production lines and express direct transports between the sender and recipient. Our center also includes a car wash and car service. As befits a logistics center, we are located on the outskirts of the city, near the expressway, in our case it is the S3 road.

What makes our logistic center stand out?

The logistic center is the most complex segment of the logistics infrastructure and is usually located close to international transport arteries. It can be equipped with elements such as: an intermodal transport hub, modern warehouse space, reloading platforms, modern office buildings, a point of technical service and repair of means of transport, IT infrastructure and others. Our Lubuskie Logistics Center has all these amenities.

Ideal location of logistic center

Premises of LCLog is located Zielona Góra’s Business Activity Zone. There is a custom house close to our company, which makes transport of the goods abroad faster.

Investment area where our company is set up is perfect for logistics. Thanks to proximity to express road S3 and Northen route it is easy to avoid problematic urban traffic. It makes travelling in and out with your cargo to our warehouses a lot easier and faster.

The only logistic center in Lubuskie

LCLog is the only logistic center of this type in Lubuskie Voivodeship. Additionally we are young and developing company in TSL (Transport-Shipping-Logistics) trade. Our fleet is at your disposal, we offer all kinds of logistics and transport services including door-to-door and just in time services.

The most modern infrastructure

We use specialised vehicles to transport all kinds of merchandise throughout European Union. What is more our vehicles are equipped with GPS system and have EURO 6 certificates. Our fleet is constantly improved.

We also offer a wide range of warehouse logistics. We have an A class storage facilities which allows us to store goods on four levels up to 7 meters high. The temperature is maintained at 15 degrees Celsius.

We deliver in a blink of an eye – 24h/7 days a week.

On-time delivery – time is money

We specialise in delivery of express parcels up to 1.5 ton. And we are in contact with our experienced drivers.
We offer the variation of our services:

  • Door to door system – a delivery without partial load and transshipment
  • Just in time system – a delivery just in time, available 24h/7 days a week

Send an enquiry and we’ll fix the best delivery solution.

Trust us -it’s really worth

There’s a lot of advantages in entrusting your goods with us. Excellent transport organisation, modern vehicles and efficient monitoring system – these are the reasons mainly why it’s worth trusting us. We cooperate with lots of TSL firms in Poland and abroad. Report your loading to us and we make sure to deliver it to the right place on time.